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Lice Happens is the premier professional mobile head lice to removal service in the New York area, founded by a Registered Nurse. Our proven, straightforward treatment process does not include gimmicky gadgets or messy oils that turn a head lice treatment into an unpleasant experience.

About Lice Happens

Lice Happens is a premier mobile lice treatment service center that travels to homes of residents living in New York City.  Our professional service is discreet, quick, and effective after just one visit.  Local business owner, Peter Byram says “I know head lice can be very stressful. Our calming and relaxing approach provides a uniquely pleasant experience that will have you and your family back to normal again in no time!”

One of our main goals at Lice Happens is to educate families about head lice.  Knowledge is empowering and we feel that the more accurate knowledge that is known, the more confident parents will feel about handling a lice infestation.  Lice are common among young children.  It is important to know what symptoms to look for if you have young children.  Most often, children will be sent home from school by the school nurse.  However, if you can properly screen your child for head lice and know what the most common symptoms are, you’ll be ahead of the game.

Most commonly, head lice create an itchy scalp.  When a louse secretes saliva, some people will have an allergic reaction which causes itching.  However, this itching can take some time to manifest if it is the first time a person has had an infestation.  A red rash around the base of the neck and the ears is another sign of a lice infestation.  This is also an allergic reaction to louse saliva.

Perhaps the most telltale sign of a lice infestation is actually seeing eggs (nits) and lice in the hair.  Though, many times gobs of hairspray, dandruff, and dust can be mistaken for nits and lice.  Nits will be attached to the hair shaft and close to the scalp.  These nits cannot simply be brushed off.  Sesame seed-sized bugs will also likely be present.

Some people will not display the obvious symptoms of head lice.  When we arrive at your home, one of the first steps we take in our treatment process is screening each member of your family for head lice.  We will also teach you the proper way to screen for head lice and what to look for.  This important skill will help your family in the long run.  Once each member that is experiencing an outbreak is identified, our trained specialist will begin treatments.

Our treatment process is performed by our highly trained and experienced lice removal experts.  These specialists are used to treating young children for head lice and will employ soothing methods to calm your child during the entire lice removal process.  Our treatments are made with non-toxic, pesticide free, and environmentally friendly ingredients that are safe for the whole family.  Treatments are gentle and effective.  We combine these treatments with fine and meticulous combing to remove nits and lice from the hair.  We will teach you this important skill for follow up care, or future use, in the days after the initial treatment.

In addition to giving you the practical skills of screening and combing, we will also take the time to answer all of your questions and concerns regarding head lice.  While providing treatment to your family, we will cover topics such as how lice spread, lice symptoms, who gets head lice, how hygiene plays a role, proper home care, and many more.  There are a lot of myths out there about head lice and we work hard to dispel them.  For example, head lice cannot live for more than 24 hours without a host; therefore it isn’t necessary to completely sanitize your home after an infestation.  We’ll teach you what is actually necessary and factual when it comes to a lice outbreak.  We will also give you tips for preventing lice outbreaks from occurring in your family in the future.

Lice Happens will never take advantage of you or your frazzled state-of-mind.  We know how stressful a lice infestation can be, it never comes at a convenient time.  We won’t take over your home with home sanitizing methods, and we will never try to sell you gimmicky gadgets or shortcuts for lice removal.  Our approach is simple, effective, and honest.

We take great honor in being invited into your home and we’re proud to serve families living in our community.  We serve all areas of New York City including Gramercy Park and Murray Hill, Greenwich Village and SoHo, Lower Manhattan, Lower East Side, Upper East Side, and Upper West Side.  If you do not see your area listed, please give us call today at (917) 768-8131

New York City is the most populous city in the United States and home to many families.  Almost nine million people live in the city and many people are proud to call it home.  New York City is a major center for international diplomacy, fashion, arts, culture, and food.  So much history can be found here, and there is always something to do and explore in this culturally diverse, historical, and lively city.  Families who live here have a rare opportunity to expose their children to many wonders that life has to offer in a small area of land.  Many New Yorkers strongly identify with being from New York and though this city is densely populated, there is a common thread that ties this community together.

If you live in New York City and you suspect you or someone in your family has head lice, regardless of symptoms or not, contact Lice Happens today.  The quicker we get to you, the quicker you can be out enjoying the splendor of our great city.  We offer emergency same day lice treatments and removal as well as appointments 7 days a week.  We will come to your home to treat your lice problem and our services are 100% confidential and private.  Our clinics bear no logos to ensure your privacy.

Lice Happens head lice treatment service in New York, NY, but is not limited to the following locations. If you’re wondering whether you live in a community that we service, please call us at 917.768.8131 or email us at

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