About NYC

New York City, often referred to as NYC is currently the most populated city in the US. As of 2016, it had a population of over eight million people, which was distributed widely over a total land area of approximately 784 KM (302.6 square miles). The city, which is located right at the Southern region of New York State also happens to be the center of the Metropolitan area of New York. This is an area deemed to be the most densely populated urban collection globally.

Over the years, NYC has been referred to as the media, financial, and cultural capital of the world. It also exerts a significant impact on global sports, trade, legislation, performing arts, education, exploration, and technical know-how. The fast pace experienced in NYC is used to define the term “New York Minute.” Additionally, NYC happens to be an important center as far as international diplomacy is concerned, as this is where the UN headquarters are located as well.

The city, which is made up of five regions is situated on a large natural harbor. The natural port is thought to be among the biggest in the world. The 5 boroughs that make up NYC are:

• Staten Island
• Brooklyn
• Queens
• The Bronx
• Manhattan

All these 5 boroughs were consolidated in 1898 to form a lone city. In fact we do lice removal all over NYC services all 5 buroughs This city, together with its cosmopolitan area are what are considered the principal entryway for anyone looking to migrate to the US legally. Currently, there are close to eight hundred dialects spoken in NYC each day, which makes it one of the most diverse cities globally, in terms of linguistics.

It is estimated that NYC houses more than three million people who were not birthed in the United States. This number also happens to make up the leading foreign-born populace found in any city worldwide. In 2013, it was noted that the tristate Cosmopolitan Statistical Area of New York produced a GMP of close to 1.4 trillion dollars. Therefore, if the greater NYC area was considered a country on its own, it would at the time have had the 12th highest GDP globally. This goes to show just how commercially viable, and receptive the city of New York is.