Around Town – Lower East Side

Popularly known as the Lower East Side, the southeastern part of the New York City’s borough is located between the Bowery and the East River, Manhattan. Once famous for notoriety, the Lower East Side Manhattan has underwent broad range development and now features most enjoyable places to shop bargain-friendly clothing, eat at delicious feisty restaurants, visit refreshing art galleries and uniquely represented museums and visualize first hand the combination of social class mixtures resulting from the early 2000’s gentrification and the long existing urban decay in the city. The LES could be your local tourism spot to explore anytime during the year. This city is sustained through multiculturalism, it’s where Italy meets China, Hispanics hosts Jews, and where social classes intersect.

The Tenement Museum, located at 97 and 103 Orchard Street, lower east side of Manhattan, is an attraction site that has preserved the culture of the LES from decades before and gives people visual feel to the living styles, home architecture and socio economic conditions immigrants lived under. The museum is comprised of buildings that are designed exactly in resemblance to the time period they depict. Each building and apartment features a different outlook that existed in the period it reflects. There are costumed interpreters that add to the scenic display, who demonstrate real life interaction set in a different time period. The Tenement Museum includes a tour around the neighborhood which includes enjoying vendor delicacies along the way.

Lower Manhattan’s art is one of its many classical quirks. Steven Harvey’s art projects and Lesley Heller’s Workspace feature galleries of self styled art that are found in the LES. One of the most awe inspiring pieces is the Lothar Osterburg’s “Tower of Babel”. These galleries have the most breathtaking exhibition that provoke interest in modern history. While, the Chelsea art galleries feature work that primarily project inspiration into emerging artists who have since long found their starting points through this very art scenic platform in the east side, it is a stop most likely all artists would anticipate.

The culinary options are huge for its visitors as the LES houses various cuisines featured at various venues ranging from restaurants, to delis, to fried-chicken joints, to cafes to street food vendors. Katz’s Delicatessen is a cafeteria that offers budget friendly snack or a full course meal with its classic Jewish deli offerings. Russ & Daughters Cafe is a good option to grab some bagels with chocolate babka loaves, or Ivan Ramen, your noodle den, for some hearty chicken bites. Both are ideal stops for breakfast if you’re looking to utilize energy throughout the day. If you’re on a mission to devour some Asian delicacy than Mission Chinese Food is the place to be at. Dirty French is where Moroccan spices turn local. It is a food place that offers tender rib eye rush in the finest method of preparation. This is an expensive option to choose, and it is known for bating celebrities when they’re in the town.
If you’re a sucker for cheap yet trendy clothing, or a costume wielding, vintage fantasizer you are right where you should be.

The Lower East Side is home to stores like Pilgrim New York, located at 70 Orchard St. and David Owens Vintage Clothing located at 161 Rivington St. There stores feature used and new items. Some items are amazingly unique to these stores as they predate contemporary fashion highlights.
The borough is full of amazing clothing, shoes stores, eateries and sites you can explore to your hearts contentment. It provides a rich blend of cultures that have come together to build a single giant contemporary culture that is experienced by everyone today.

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