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Looking for an In-Home lice treatment service in Greenwich Village? For families living in Greenwich Village (simply known as “the Village”) neighborhood located in Manhattan, New York City, New York lice are the last thing they want to have to deal with.  This is true for all families!  Lice Happens understands that lice never come at an opportune time and that they can’t be planned for.  If your child has been sent home from school or daycare with a lice infestation, there is no reason to be embarrassed or to panic.   

We screen each family member, treat hair with pesticide-free products and thoroughly comb through your child’s hair to remove lice and nits. We will also ensure that we educate parents on ways to reduce the likelihood of re-infestation.

Lice Happens New York City Area

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Lice Happens is a mobile, private, and professional lice removal service that travels to homes of families or individuals living in Greenwich Village.  We offer comprehensive treatments and education for the removal of lice.  You no longer need to rush to the market or the pharmacy to purchase expensive over-the-counter treatments.  These treatments are becoming less and less effective at treating head lice because lice are adapting to the ingredients in them.  Additionally, these ingredients are harsh, full of toxins, and are chemical based which can hurt you and your loved ones.  Because they are less effective, many parents find themselves having to purchase them time and time again but still don’t see results.  Another benefit to having Lice Happens solve your lice problem is that you don’t have to go to a public salon for treatments.  These treatments can be even pricier and still don’t always guarantee success.  We’ll bring the salon to you, in the comfort of your home, and we guarantee you’ll be lice free after our visit.

When adding up the costs of multiple over-the-counter treatments or salon services, one has to consider the time lost from work for parents as well.  When a child is suffering from a lice infestation, he or she cannot return to school or daycare until the issue is remedied.  Parents have to stay home to care for their children, which can result in losing valuable vacation or sick days or taking a hit financially.  Lice Happens will never take advantage of you, your time, your frazzled state-of-mind, or your hard earned money.  Our business is locally owned and operated and we are proud and honored to help people who live in our community.  We will never try to upsell you with gimmicks or gadgets that promise shortcuts to the lice removal process and we’ll never delay treatment times for which you are charged extra.

Every one of our lice treatment experts are qualified and highly trained specialists that have experience helping families like yours.  We will treat you and your family with the respect, dignity, and compassion that you deserve.  Our specialists have a passion for helping families and we love watching the stress melt away from parents when we arrive.  We’ll come to your home in a logo-free vehicle to ensure your privacy.  Our mobile clinics come with everything we need to help you with your lice problem.

One of the first steps we take in our treatment process is screening each member of the household for head lice.  Adults are not immune to infestations and not everyone displays the common symptoms of having head lice.  Thorough manual screenings are the best way to identify hosts.  We’ll teach you, as parents or caregivers, the right way to screen for head lice too.  We recommend that young children are screened regularly for head lice.  Early detection makes stopping the spread of head lice much easier.

Once we’ve identified those suffering an outbreak, we’ll begin the treatments.  Our treatments, unlike over-the-counter remedies, are non-toxic and safe for everyone.  They are made with pesticide free, natural, and environmentally friendly ingredients that will not harm the skin.  They have no side effects either.

We use fine toothed metal lice combs to remove lice eggs (nits), young lice (nymphs), and adult lice from the hair.  One of the main reasons that over-the-counter remedies fall short is because they cannot teach the proper way to comb the hair to remove lice.  If the lice and nits are not removed thoroughly, they will continue to breed and spread.  Additionally, metal lice combs are preferred to plastic.  Plastic combs are typically provided in over-the-counter treatments.  Our experts have logged many combing hours and have a lot experience with this skill.  We will teach you how to properly use a metal lice comb for any future use and for follow up care in the days after treatment.

In addition to teaching screening and combing skills, the specialist will take the time to answer all of your lice related questions, address any of your concerns, and will educate you and your family about lice myths and facts.  Topics we cover include what lice are, how they spread, who gets them, hygiene, home care, how to treat for lice, and many more.  We will also provide your family with tips on preventing lice in the future.  Should your children become infected with head lice again in the future, from another source, you should feel empowered, not embarrassed, to handle the lice problem head on.  Though we hope you don’t have to deal with lice again in the future!

Greenwich Village, or “the Village” to locals, is known as an artist’s haven.  It is a bohemian capital and the cradle of the LGBTQ movement.  New York University, the New School, and other colleges are found in the Village.  Washington Square Park is in the heart of this neighborhood.  Several historical landmarks such as the Stonewall National Monument, housing districts, Jefferson Market Library, and the Washington Square Arch can be found in the Village.  There is a huge arts scene here and many famous actors, artists, comedians, composers, musicians, and writers either call the Village home or got their start here.

Lice Happens is proud to serve individuals and families living in Greenwich Village.  We offer emergency lice removal and treatment services as well as appointments to residents and the community 7 days a week.  You can reach us at (917) 768-8131.

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