Sites To See In Manhattan


Manhattan, New York is the most densely populated borough in New York. It has a total population of nearly 1.645 million people according to 2015 census. It is in the middle of New York City and is also a prestigious place which attracts millions of tourists every year. Manhattan owns the popular “Big Apple”.

World’s top skyscrapers like neon-lit Times Square, and The Empire Building among others, are all in the great borough. It owns the popular “Big Apple”, and world’s top financial, commercial and cultural centers as well. It is also an educational center as it hosts top colleges and universities in America offering world class education.

Manhattan is mostly an island, the Manhattan island which is bordered by two rivers, that is Harlem and Hudson rivers. It is because of these great iconic features in the borough which attracts millions of visitors each year. So what are some of the things one can do while at Manhattan?
Start your morning with a run across the central park. The park is the most visited in New York and the United States at large. In 2013 it recorded a number high of 40 million visitors. You can as well rent a bike and go round the most filmed park in the world as you see squirrels and meet people who just want to be out of the noisy New York City.

Next, travel to Grand Central Station, here you can have great coffee and organic snacks start your morning off right. Located on 42nd street, Park Avenue, mid-Manhattan, the Grand Central Station is a commuter and intercity railroad that serves New York City. With good food courts at the basement, it is a good place to bring your family and friends from outside town.

Don’t forget to visit Rockefeller Center. The large complex which constitutes of the 19 huge building erected on a 22-acre piece of land and is between the 48th and 51st streets. Be ready to wait to reach the top of the building, as there are thousands of people who visit the same place every day. Approximate wait time to get into a lift is about 30 minutes on a normal day. It is a great place with fine art, beauty, snacks and drinks and a cool place for dinner.
Why not take a boat trip to the Statue of Liberty? If you want a clear view of New York City, then Liberty Island is the place to go. It is a nice place to hang out with family and enjoy the serenity of the environment.

You must make a stop to the Empire State Building, located on 5th Avenue mid of Manhattan. The building is 102-story tall making it great skyscraper in the borough. It is a nice place to see the rest of the city.

Manhattan offers a lot of fun to its visitors, with various spots of beauty, art, food courts and shopping areas. Come explore this fabulous city soon. Lice Happens proudly serves this great city.