This Captivating city

NYC is considered one of the most popular cities in the world for a variety of reasons. New York has a civic superiority, expansive art and culture scene, and historically, it has always been considered an incubator for everything innovative—be it sartorial, architectural, or technological. Below is a list of what makes NYC popular, and enables it to stand out from other cities in the US.

Iconic Skyline

NYC cannot be said to be the skyscraper’s birthplace, as this title is already taken by Chicago, but when people speak about skylines, they probably have midtown Manhattan in mind. Midtown Manhattan is home to the Chrysler, and the Empire State buildings.

Additional noteworthy buildings include the Twin Towers (its absence has been filled by the One World Trade Center), and the Woolworth Building. These are structures that have assisted in helping cement Manhattan’s supremacy as the home of the modern day skyscrapers since the beginning of the 20th century.

New Yorkers are Believed to Live Longer than All Other People – Side note – we also find that getting rid of lice quickly will also help you live a more fulfilled life 🙂

The third oldest person in the United States is 113 years old, NYC woman known as Susannah Mushatt. Susannah was born in the nineteenth century and is said to have seen the MTA fares rise from the issue nickel. This goes to show that city life is not only better, but it is also lengthier. NYC residents are said to live up to 2 years longer than the general national average.

8 years ago, the life expectancy of a New Yorker was estimated to top out at 80.9 years by the time of birth. It could be that after surviving the hassles associated with finding a job, and locating an apartment, as well as having to deal with calorie-count menus, all else seems to come easily. Additionally, the fact that NYC residents walk more than all other United States residents, and consume less trans fats could be a contributing factor.

Because the LGBT Scene is an Actual LGBT Scene

NYC is popular for hosting mixed parties like the Rebel Cupcake, Hey Queen! and the Scissor Sundays all of which are known to draw in large crowds.

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