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Looking for an In-Home lice treatment service in Manhattan? Our highly trained and certified lice treatment specialists come to you and provide the convenience of a professional and confidential in home lice treatment service. And we guarantee success. The Lice Happens treatment protocol does not include and unneccessary and gimmicky gadgets.

We screen each family member, treat hair with pesticide-free products and thoroughly comb through your child’s hair to remove lice and nits. We will also ensure that we educate parents on ways to reduce the likelihood of re-infestation.

When your child is sent home from school for having head lice it can be a stressful time.  Many parents do not know where to turn or what steps to take to eradicate a head lice problem quickly and efficiently.  There is so much false information on the internet surrounding head lice that it’s hard to know which advice to follow, what steps to take, and how to get rid of head lice.  Lice Happens is a professional, mobile, and private lice removal and treatment service.  Our treatment methods are tried, true, and proven to be effective after just one visit to your home.

Lice Happens New York City Area

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We were founded by a registered nurse and a quality assurance professional.  Our founders knew there was a need for a service like the one we provide.  Having experienced lice outbreaks in their own families, they formed a company that centers on non-toxic, quick, effective treatments that let families get back to their everyday lives as quickly and as effortlessly as possible.  We understand that this time can be hectic for you and your family.  We treat all of our clients with the upmost dignity, respect, and compassion.  Nobody is to blame for a lice infestation, it happens!

It is impossible to pinpoint where a child picked up head lice.  Because children work and play in close proximity to one another, it is common to see them with their heads pressed together.  Lice do not discriminate when it comes to hosts and hygiene has nothing to do with who contracts head lice.  All that is required is contact with an infected person.  Lice do not fly or jump, but they do crawl rapidly from head to head.  For this reason, children are more susceptible to a lice outbreak, but adults are not immune.  As long as head contact has occurred between a person and an infected person, lice can spread.

When we arrive to your home, we will come in logo-free vehicles to ensure your privacy is maintained.  All of our services are 100% confidential and provided to you and your family in the comfort of your home.  Our specialists are highly trained lice removal experts who have experience treating children and families like yours.

We start the lice removal process by screening each member of the family.  Because nobody is immune to getting head lice and not everyone displays the common symptoms of having head lice, this step is an important one for ending the life cycle of head lice.  While we are carefully screening your family for head lice, we’ll also teach you the proper way to screen for lice.  This skill is a great one for parents to have.  We recommend that parents regularly screen young children for head lice.  Early detection makes stopping head lice from spreading much easier.

Our treatments are made from all natural, environmentally friendly, pesticide free, and non-toxic ingredients.  These types of treatments are the only ones we use on our clients.  They are safe for all ages and have no side effects.  We have been using these methods for years and we can attest to the quality, safety, and effectiveness of them.

Once treatment is applied to each person experiencing a lice outbreak, our specialists use fine toothed metal lice combs to remove lice eggs (nits), young lice (nymphs), and adult lice from the hair.  Combing techniques are also something we’ll teach you to do.  Efficient and thorough combing is perhaps one of the most important steps to eradicating head lice.  The type of comb matters as well, and we prefer metal combs to plastic combs.  Teaching you this skill will allow you to provide follow up care in the days after the initial treatment and will empower you to tackle a head lice problem in the future should the need ever arise.

In addition to teaching practical skills like screening and combing, we also educate families on myths vs. facts about head lice.  Like stated earlier, there are a lot of misconceptions out there.  During treatments, we cover topics such as who gets head lice, how lice spread, proper home care after an infestation, symptoms of head lice, toxicity of over-the-counter treatments, and many more.  Our goal is to make you a lice expert too!  We believe that knowledge is power.  The more you know about head lice, the better you’ll be able to handle an infestation in the future.  We also provide tips to families on how to prevent an outbreak from occurring again.

We are proud to serve families living in Manhattan, New York.  Our business is locally owned and operated by Peter Byram.  We understand that our great city has much to offer and that you’d rather be out and about enjoying it!

Manhattan is the most populous borough in New York.  This area is the birthplace of New York City and has a lot of history.  Here you can find the headquarters for the United Nations and Manhattan is often referred to as the cultural and financial capital of the world.  The stock exchange is here as well as many large corporations and multinational media conglomerates.  For families, Manhattan offers plenty of jobs, beautiful architecture and museums, sporting events, art galleries, theaters, the opera, ballet, Broadway, tons of shopping, excellent restaurants, access to all types of transportation, and much much more.  There is always something to do in this bustling city!

Lice Happens knows that lice never come at an opportune time and that an infestation isn’t something that can be planned for.  We will never take advantage of your time, your wallet, or your frazzled state of mind.  We are here to help you with your lice infestation, educate your family about head lice, and provide gentle non-toxic treatments.  We guarantee that by the time we leave your home you’ll be lice free, able to quickly get back to everything this great city has to offer, and enjoying your normal lives once again.  We are available for emergency lice removal and treatments as well as appointments 7 days a week.

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