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Lice Happens is the premiere Lice Treatment and Removal service in Central Harlem.  If your child has been sent home from school or daycare with a head lice infestation, don’t panic!  Lice Happens is here to help you in your time of need!  We offer private, in-home, professional lice removal and treatment services to families (and individuals) living in Central Harlem, New York City, New York.

Our team of lice treatment specialists is passionate and dedicated to helping families just like yours.  Our specialists are all highly trained, experienced, and qualified to get you and your family lice free after just one visit to your home.  We will never try to up sell you with gimmicks or gadgets that promise short cuts in the lice removal process, there are no shortcuts.  We will not take over your home with home sanitizing techniques that are unnecessary.  We won’t delay treatment times for which you are charged extra.  We will never take advantage of you, your family, or your pocket book.  We will, however, treat you and your family with the compassion, dignity, and respect that you deserve.  We will teach you everything there is to know about head lice, making you an empowered lice expert!

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Lice Happens Central Harlem

We consider being invited into your home a great honor.  Our specialists will arrive to your home in logo-free vehicles to ensure your privacy.  All of our specialists are experienced at treating young children for head lice and will employ soothing methods during the entire treatment to make the process more comfortable for everyone involved.  Our treatments are comfortable, but making sure little ones are settled and feeling at peace makes this even better.

Children are the most susceptible to getting head lice because of the manner in which they explore their worlds.  Children are not as concerned with personal space as adults, and therefore are more likely to press their heads together over a project or while playing with one another.  Lice do not fly or jump, but they do crawl.  The only thing required for lice to spread is head-to-head contact between an infected person and a new host.  It is impossible to pinpoint the source of head lice and we believe there is no shame and no blame when it comes to an outbreak.  Lice do not discriminate between clean or dirty hair, ethnicity, or age.  Anybody can get head lice.

Because anybody can get head lice, one of the first steps our lice specialist will take prior to treatments is screening each member of your household for head lice.  Not everyone displays the common symptoms of having head lice and thorough manual screening is the best way to determine who is suffering.  The specialist will teach you this important technique for future use.  We recommend children be screened regularly.  Early detection makes eradication easier and it makes it easier to stop the spread amongst children that play and learn together.

Our treatments are safe, effective, gentle on all skin types, and natural.  They have no side effects and are made from pesticide free and environmentally friendly ingredients.  Over-the-counter remedies are proving to be less and less effective at treating head lice because lice are adapting to the harsh and toxic chemicals found in these products.  Oftentimes we’ll have parents tell us that they’ve purchased many of these treatments but haven’t had success at getting rid of head lice.  This can lead to stress for parents, frustrated children who are suffering, and expensive treatments!  Our treatments have been tried, tested, and proven to work after just one application.

One of the most important skills to have when it comes to proper eradication and ending the life cycle of head lice is the combing skill.  Our lice experts use fine toothed metal lice combs to remove lice eggs (nits), young lice (nymphs), and adult lice from the hair.  Over-the-counter treatments can make it difficult to see what you’re trying to comb out.  Our treatments do not block the view.  Combing is another skill you will learn from the specialist while he or she is in your home.  Follow up combing in the days after the initial treatment is essential to getting rid of head lice, but you’ll be prepared with everything you need to perform this task yourself.  Should your child ever become re-introduced to head lice from another source in the future, you’ll have the skills you need to handle it on your own.

At Lice Happens, we believe that knowledge is power.  We teach all of the families and individuals we help about head lice.  There are a lot of myths that surround head lice, who gets them, how they spread, hygiene, how to treat for lice, what lice are, home care, and many other topics.  We cover all of the topics and dispel the myths, providing you with the facts!  We also provide families with tips on how to prevent lice infestations in the future.  We will answer all of your questions and address any of your lice related concerns as well.  Our goal is to empower you for the future and to get you lice free as quickly, easily, and comfortably as possible so you can get back to enjoying your regular life!

Central Harlem is a neighborhood that is located in Manhattan, a borough of New York City, New York.  This area of New York City is bordered by rivers and Central Park.  Harlem is a diverse neighborhood.  No matter where you go you’ll find culture here.  Many hip-hop artists are from Harlem and this neighborhood is full of arts schools, historic sites, museums, theaters, public transportation, and hospitals.

Lice Happens is proud to serve families living in and throughout Harlem and Central Harlem.  We offer emergency lice removal and treatment services 7 days a week.  We also offer appointments.  If you or a loved one are experiencing a lice outbreak, remember, there is no shame or blame in having head lice.  The best thing you can do is to remedy the problem quickly and we’re here to help!

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