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Lice Happens is the premiere Lice Treatment and Removal service in ClintonWhen your child is sent home from school or daycare with a lice infestation, it can be hard to know where to turn for a quick and safe solution.  Lice Happens has been providing families just like yours with safe, quick, and efficient lice treatments for many years.  Our team of lice treatment and removal experts knows exactly what it takes to end the life cycle of lice in your home and we guarantee that you’ll be lice free after just one visit to your home. 

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Lice Happens is a professional, private, and mobile lice removal and treatment service that travels to homes in Clinton (Hell’s Kitchen), New York City, New York.  We take great honor in being invited to your home, and we’ll never take advantage of you, your time, or your money.  We treat every family and client that we serve with dignity, respect, and compassion.  Our specialists are trained and educated in the lice removal process, are passionate about helping families, and have experience making the lice removal treatment process comfortable for everyone, including young children.

Many parents find themselves struggling to find information on which lice treatments are most effective.  Some turn to over-the-counter treatments or will go to a salon for lice removal.  Unfortunately, over-the-counter remedies are becoming less and less effective at killing head lice.  The lice are adapting to the chemicals, pesticides, and toxic ingredients that are found in these treatments.  Even worse, these treatments can be harmful to you and your loved ones.  If you find yourself turning to these types of remedies, we advise checking with your child’s doctor prior to use.  When using these harsh treatments, it is wise to consider the child’s age, allergies, and other conditions like asthma as the pesticides and chemicals can wreak havoc on little systems.

However, even with a doctor’s blessing, parents still find themselves struggling with head lice after several of these types of treatments have been applied.  Some of the most important skills to have when trying to remove head lice are proper combing techniques.  Over-the-counter treatments fall short when it comes to teaching this skill and when all lice eggs (nits), young lice (nymphs), and adult lice are not removed from the hair, lice can persist.  If the lice are not completely removed, they will continue to breed.  There are no shortcuts when it comes to the lice removal process.  If you find yourself struggling with removing lice from your family, or you don’t want to have to struggle with this frustrating process, Lice Happens is here to remove the burden from your shoulders.

When we arrive at your home, we will do so in logo-free vehicles to ensure your privacy.  We will not try to sell you gimmicks or gadgets that promise shortcuts for lice removal.  We won’t delay treatment times for which you are charged.  We will not take over your home with home sanitizing techniques that are not necessary.  We will provide you and your family with quick, safe, efficient treatments.  While in your home we will educate you all about lice and teach you some valuable skills for the future.

The first step to our treatment process is a thorough screening of all family members for head lice.  Not everyone displays the common symptoms associated with head lice, and detecting all hosts is an important step to ending the life cycle of lice.  While we’re doing this, we will teach you how to screen as well.  We recommend that children be screened for head lice regularly.

Once each member suffering is identified, those members will be treated promptly for head lice.  Our treatments are safe, non-toxic, naturally derived, and have no side effects.  They are made from pesticide free and environmentally friendly ingredients that do not harm the skin.

We use only fine toothed metal lice combs to remove nits, nymphs, and lice from the hair.  This gentle process is meticulous and our treatments do not make it impossible to see what we’re trying to remove.  This is the second skill we will teach you while in your home.  Follow up care is important in the days after the initial treatment, but you’ll have everything you need to provide that follow up care and the skills to do it properly.  When we’re finished, hair will be left feeling soft and clean and looking smooth and shiny.  It will be like you just left a salon, but you never had to leave home!

During the treatment process we’ll answer any of your questions and address all of your concerns.  We will cover what the myths that surround head lice are and provide you with facts about hygiene, home care, what lice are, how they spread, who gets them, how to treat for them, and many more topics.  We will also provide your family with prevention tips so that you hopefully never have to deal with a lice outbreak again.  However, if your child becomes infected from another source in the future, you’ll have everything you need and the knowledge to feel empowered in what can be a stressful situation.  Our goal is to provide you with everything necessary so that should your family ever suffer a lice infestation again, you won’t be left wondering what to do.

We are proud to serve families living in the neighborhood of Clinton, New York City, New York.  Clinton, also known as Hell’s Kitchen, is located in the Westside of Midtown Manhattan.  Clinton was originally home to the working-class Irish Americans prior to the 1970s.  Today Clinton is home to many artists and actors.  Streets here are tree-lined and there are a plethora of unique restaurants to enjoy.

Lice Happens offers emergency lice removal and treatment services to families living all over New York City.  We also offer appointments.  You can reach us at (917) 768-8131.  We are available to help you with your lice removal needs 7 days a week and we offer same day services.